Digital Dentistry

Just like we’ve all benefitted from the convenience of electronic devices and computerization, so too has the field of dentistry. Thanks to incredible advancements in digital technology, the dental team at Glendale Dental Associates can provide you with state-of-the-art dental equipment and tools that can do everything from quickly diagnose oral health issues to treat a wide range of dental problems. We’re grateful for the dental technology and devices we offer our patients, because it streamlines many of our processes, ensuring that our patients to get the answers and care they need as quickly as possible.

How Digital Technology Helps Our Dental Team

Computer technology can now be used for just about anything, from imaging and dental impressions to detection of cavities and disease. We use digital X-rays once a year on all of our patients to take a closer and more in-depth look into the health of their teeth, gums, jawbone and face.

Through annual X-rays we can pinpoint decay, gum disease, infection, damage to bone or facial tissue, and even impacted teeth. These images are incredibly important for pinpointing issues that we may not be able to see through an oral exam alone. In essence, digital technology is an incredible teammate for our dentists, providing answers and detecting problems that we might otherwise not be able to detect on our own.

These amazing innovations also mean that the digital tools and technology that we offer here at Glendale Dental Associates can also be used to detect and remove decay using more minimally invasive techniques, which preserve more oral tissue and healthy enamel. Digital technology makes treatment options less invasive, meaning an easier treatment and faster recovery time.

Computer-aided technology has also helped us place dental implants into the precise and exact spot within the jawbone that will ensure that the implant integrates successfully with the jawbone and oral tissue. This 3D technology improves the already high success rate associated with dental implantation.

Also, CAD/CAM technology has revolutionized the way that we craft dental restorations. Now, dentists can create everything from dental veneers to crowns in-house, thanks to this in-office technology that allows your dental team to measure, design, fabricate and place your restoration in just one dental visit.

Digital technology is incredible and has made it possible to provide you with advanced dental care that you can trust.
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