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How Dental Crowns Help Strengthen Teeth

If you’re dealing with a decayed, damaged, or unsightly tooth, you may be wondering what the best course of action is. An easy and efficient way to deal with a problem tooth is with a dental crown. Your dentists at Glendale Dental Associates in Indianapolis, IN, can answer any questions you may have about dental crowns and how they can help strengthen your smile.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are coverings, usually made of porcelain or porcelain-metal hybrids. Crowns completely cover the tooth to the gum line and are custom-made to look natural and realistic. They also function just like your normal tooth and are easy to care for. With crowns, you don’t have to change your normal oral hygiene routine, just be sure to brush and floss regularly and your crown will be cared for. If you grind your teeth at night, ask your dentist about a mouthguard to protect your crown.

Dental crowns from your dentists in Indianapolis, IN, can also be used to help replace any missing teeth. This can be done with a bridge or as part of a dental implant.

Dental crowns help strengthen your teeth by covering up whatever tooth decay or damage you may be struggling with, which helps prevent any further damage from happening and also strengthens your teeth by improving your bite power. You won’t have to worry about avoiding a damaged tooth when chewing and it will help restore any confidence you may have lost while worrying about an unsightly tooth.

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