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Clear Aligners and You

It's not too late to align your teeth. But if you are concerned about having to wear unsightly braces, about all the ways that they will alter your everyday routine, then chances are these fears are keeping you away from seeking treatment. If this is you, consider asking your dentist about clear aligners. Contact your Indianapolis, IN, dentist Dr. Jin Cho of Glendale Dental Associates for more information.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have been around for a very long time and remain a very good option for everyone wanting to improve their smile. Especially those with severe dental problems and younger teens.

But if you are a candidate for clear aligners you will find how much of an improvement they are over traditional braces.
Both treatments follow the same principle of gradually moving your teeth until they reach a satisfactory arrangement. But unlike with braces, with clear aligners, you will not have to return to your dentist so often to make these adjustments. Instead, at the appropriate time, you simply replace the current tray for the next one.


Clear aligners are made of durable clear plastic, as their name suggests, and nowhere as noticeable as the very visible metal braces.

Beyond aesthetics, the added advantage of clear aligners is the convenience they provide over the traditional treatment.
With braces, you have a very strict diet so that you will not damage the appliance while you eat. But clear aligners, because they are removable and you are expected to take them off to eat and drink, they provide you greater freedom. You can essentially eat everything you already do.

It's nonetheless advisable to limit your consumption of sugary foods and drinks, and this is for the sake of your dental hygiene. Braces require extra effort on your part to keep them clean since all those nooks created by them make for very good hiding spots for plaque. Clear aligners allow you to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would.

Clear Aligners in Indianapolis, IN

Clear aligners give you the freedom to live your life as you're used to while still providing you with the means toward a better smile. Make your appointment today to find out if they're the right solution for you. Call Dr. Cho of Glendale Dental Associates in Indianapolis, IN, by dialing (317) 251-0085.

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